eating right… or knot

My stomach is knotted and groaning under the weight of all those chocolates and chips I’ve been scoffing down… Candies and my mother are the guilty ones here… or perhaps it’s got to do with those meds I’m taking. They bring on the munchies and before I outgrow my new jeans I have got to cease… resist the call of Lord Munch ( no relation to those annoying little munchkins from the Wiz… thankfully!… anyway as an aside I saw the film over ten times when I was a kid coz I was in love with TWWOTE.

Which brings me to cauldrons and assorted things been tossed into them…. and I’m out of leg of newt and eye of toad… but what I do have is a fridge full of veggies… and it’s important to eat right… so I’m sitting with a gigantinormous bowl of assorted boiled beans of the sproutable variety, finely sliced cabbage, juliennes of yellow and red bell peppers, cubes of par-boiled baby corn… and spring onion greens… all lovingly tossed together with lemon, salt, a pinch of sugar, a small splash of sesame seed oil and 3 de-seeded green chillies…. healthy and absolutely delicious…

Did someone say I’ve got to give up coffee… a pox on you!


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